Clear Card: Newspaper Ads

During the introduction of Clear Card, a membership program expediting airport check-in policy, I concepted and developed unique placement newspaper ads to demonstrate the benefits of speeding through airport security. Ad agency Ogilvy.

SAP: B2B Educational Training Software Landing Page & Banner Ads

Concepted and developed a landing page and banner campaign targeting Human Resource personnel. Key messaging encouraged employee training through  SAP’s training software to help improve employee retention rates.

Nikon: Coolpix Magazine Ads

Concepted and developed print campaign to launch Nikon Coolpix cameras. Art direction by Russell Wakelin. Ad agency Source.

Go Tech Mom: Blog

To teach moms about technology, I concepted, designed, and programmed I continue to write all content, monetize occasional posts through affiliate programs, and use inbound marketing to drive traffic to the website from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Featured tech blogger on Consumer Reports Health App segment. Watch here.